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a course specifically designed to help prevent the injuries that are the most common in the workplace: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Dr. Lauren Hebert and Dr. Cody St.Germain are industry leaders in workplace injury prevention. Dr. Hebert has taught the IMPACC injury prevention program to over 500 workplaces nationwide which has led to an over 70% reduction in workers compensation claims.

This is the program he has taught in the workplace for many years, now brought to you in an online format. Whether you are self-employed, work from home, or work at a workplace, there will be great information in this course for you. Nobody wants to get hurt at work. Pain at work leads to pain at home and needless suffering. This course will help you prevent work injuries and keep you doing the things you love. Simply purchase the course here, and you can get started right away on learning this great information.

Upon completion you will be given a personalized certificate, certifying you in MSD prevention by WorkSmart. Good luck!

In-Person Workplace Ergonomics Evaluation

This is the program Dr. Hebert has taught in the workplace for 40+ years, now brought to you in an online format.

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Dr. Lauren Hebert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has spent a large majority of his career working directly with workplaces across the country to reduce injuries at work. He is the founder and owner of IMPAAC, a company that provided workplaces injury prevention courses to over 500 workplaces across the country throughout 23 states. He is known nationwide by Physical Therapists for his role in pioneering a lot of the concepts presented in the WorkSmart courses. Lauren enjoys archeology, hunting, fly fishing, and traveling the country with his wife, Liz.



Dr. Cody is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who works mostly with orthopedic and workplace injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Cody is the owner of SmartCare Physical Therapy as well as WorkSmart. Cody attended Husson University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology as well as his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. In his spare time, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife, Ambyr, son Ashton, and dog Brady. They love hiking, fishing, hunting, and playing any sports. Cody additionally is the high school basketball coach at his local area school.


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In-Person Ergonomics Evaluations

We also offer in-person workplace ergonomics evaluations. We have one of our physical therapists come to your workplace to take pictures and evaluate the following things:

Once we compile this information on-site, we would take that information and write up our summary of your workplace ergonomics, as well as recommendations for simple and effective solutions to decrease injury risks. We would then present that to the safety team in either written form, or in-person keynote presentation. Combining the WorkSmart online learning platform with an in-person ergonomics evaluation will get your employees well trained, and at significantly less risk of workplace injury. 

Email us today for an individualized free quote for this package deal.